Xquip’s sun awning systems are the high quality and professional solution to provide shading on any yacht.

Our custom made awnings are stitched to fit any deck layout or purpose. All awning poles are made of pre-preg, autoclaved carbon fiber; a key feature of any Xquip product. This makes them extremely durable, strong and lightweight. Depending on the size of the awning we offer different pole diameters ranging from 80 to 110mm. The poles are designed to house all tensioning bridles inside resulting in a very clean look. Each pole is delivered with deck mounts that fit the yacht’s geometry. If desired each pole can be equipped with high quality speakers or ambience lighting to get the party started at night.

The sun awning range by Xquip includes 3 basic designs that can be customized to match the client’s wishes.

Durable & Strong
Our pre-preg carbon fiber poles are autoclave cured making them virtually indestructible
Minimalistic design
In designing the poles we made sure all parts and lines are only minimally visible resulting in a very clean, clutter-free look
Flexible solution
Our poles and awnings are fully customized to fit your yacht’s dimensions and purpose


Optimal awning tension
Matching deck fittings
Consealed tensioning mechanism

Optimal awning tension

High quality sail materials and premium stitches combined with a great tensioning system result in a perfectly shaped sun awning

Matching deck fittings

Depending on your yacht’s deck layout and construction we supply the matching deck fittings. Wall mounts, locking pins and holes are all manufactured out of premium quality stainless steel

Consealed tensioning mechanism

The functional systems are concealed within the poles, thus not distracting from the things that really matter on your yacht. A pulley system makes tensioning the sails easy while an automatic line retractor prevents lines from hanging loose on the outside.


Awning Lights


By integrating high quality speaker or custom ambient lights, a functional and luxury atmosphere can be created that provides passengers an even greater leisure experience.

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