Driven by quality and performance we push the limits of building equipment for super yachts and tenders. We always strive to use state of the art technology and paying attention to every detail. We build fully customizable equipment with the highest level of construction and finishing according to our lightweight philosophy. At Xquip we believe that a high-quality product should fit its purpose perfectly, therefor we like to closely collaborate with our clients to make our products fit anywhere.


All designs have emerged from years of experience working with numerous parties involved in the superyacht industry and building for the most demanding clients. Xquip’s founders come from the world of high performance yachting so we know very well whom we design for and how the products are used. Xquip has all the design, engineering and manufacturing capability to answer the diverging needs of our clients.


Our lightweight philosophy is accomplished by constructing the equipment in pre-preg carbon fiber. This production technology, which is widely used within the Formula 1 and aerospace industry, provides the most optimal structural performance whilst keeping weight to a minimum.


We offer long-term commitment in terms of maintenance, repairs and the replacement of parts without exception. Xquip provides the technical information and guidance during the installation of each product. The materials and components we use are of top-level quality to minimize problems and always guaranteeing the customer high quality equipment.